Venturing Beyond the Horizon: METASPHERE LABS Redefines the Future

Embark on a groundbreaking journey as we navigate the next frontier of digital evolution, blending technology with sustainability.

In the vibrant world of Web3, we're pioneering ReFi initiatives focused on impactful outcomes beyond financial success. Our vision is to develop groundbreaking games, dynamic DAOs, and vast Open Metaverse ventures, all aimed at leveraging digital innovation for a sustainable future. Dive into our mission to forge a path where technology champions environmental stewardship and collective well-being.

Our Focus

Metaverse Worlds

Designing interactive virtual environments for exploration, creation, and connection.


Developing immersive experiences that merge digital and physical realities.

Open Metaverse Networks

Pioneering interoperable platforms for seamless digital asset and identity transitions using blockchain technology.


ClimateBot is a sophisticated digital platform equipped with a range of calculators designed to assess a variety of environmental impacts, with a particular emphasis on calculating carbon footprints.

The platform is meticulously engineered to serve a broad spectrum of stakeholders. This includes individual citizens, non-profit organisations, governmental bodies, and corporate entities.
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Dive into the dynamic world of sustainable finance with a curated blend of in-depth analyses, breaking news, and expert perspectives on carbon markets, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) developments, and flourishing green investment opportunities.
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We're driving the digital renaissance.


Metasphere Labs partnered and sold the live-action NFT series GENZEROS. Developed by Aleks Paunovic, Jeremy Smith, and Matt Venables for Metasphere Labs subsidiary, Genzero Productions, specializing in the production of original media involving NFTs.
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House of Kibaa

House of Kibaa (HoK) is a digital studio at the forefront of technologies in the blockchain, NFT and metaverse sectors. HoK designs and curates a next-generation metaverse for 3D assets, allowing functional art and collectibles to exist simultaneously across different NFT blockchain environments.
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ReFi revolutionizes Web3 by syncing finance with eco-goals, using blockchain for greener futures.


Streamlines trading of carbon credits and green bonds


Fuels biodiversity and community upliftment


Powers Impact DAOs for collective, meaningful governance


Rewards sustainable behaviors with digital perks, making real-world differences fun

In The Press

JUN 11 2024
Globenewswire: Metasphere Labs Announces X Spaces Event on the Topic of Green Bitcoin Mining and Sound Money for Sustainability
JUN 06 2024
Globenewswire: Metasphere Labs Announces Joint LOI with Ecoblox, PureSky, and Bluesphere to Develop Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol
MAY 31 2024
Globenewswire: Metasphere Labs Focuses its Carbon Aware Routing Protocol
MAY 31 2024
Globenewswire: Metasphere Labs Confirms No Material Undisclosed Information
MAY 30 2024
Globenewswire: Metasphere Labs Appoints Dustin Muscato as Advisor for Carbon Credit Protocol Initiative
MAY 24 2024
Globenewswire: Metasphere Labs Announces Development of Innovative Carbon Credit Protocol for Grid-Scale Batteries
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